Outdoor furniture is far better lie around in your backyard and revel in your Sunday. It is built differently than the indoor variety, and while you can always use outdoor furniture inside, the opposite is not always the case. Outdoor furniture is just one of the things which give you comfort and convenience in life. […]

Tile design for small bathroom is one of the key elements to your shoebox-bathroom. Face it, not everyone can afford such grand house with spacious rooms within, including the bathroom. In this case, you need to do all out to create your own corner of the sky in your bathroom. One of many ways of […]

As it goes to other rooms in your house, the bathroom lighting and mirrors design is something you need to think carefully. Lighting plays an important role to create specific nuance of the room. In terms of bathroom lighting, the popular option for lighting fixture is recessed style and mounted styles. Such styles are able […]

The coffee table is small furniture that usually comes with a sofa or chair in the living room. Several designs are available in market from simple to complex and more advanced ones. One of them is a coffee table with wicker basket storage. This kind of furniture uses wicker texture as tabletop or combined with […]