Coffee Table With Wicker Basket Storage Concerning Latest Thought Awaken Your House

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The coffee table is small furniture that usually comes with a sofa or chair in the living room. Several designs are available in market from simple to complex and more advanced ones. One of them is a coffee table with wicker basket storage.

This kind of furniture uses wicker texture as tabletop or combined with other material. What are differences between wicker design and usual flat surface? Answering this question is important because people might think attractive design from wicker is very practical.

Simple design for this furniture is a tabletop in wicker mode. Usually, a manufacturer uses rattan or bamboo, which can be customized into various patterns. However, one disadvantage is unstable surface. Rattan lays each other to form certain pattern. To keep the surface plain, table top is flattened with pressing tool.

Storage Model Under Table Top

Coffee Table With Wicker Basket Storage About Final Thought Awaken Your House

The result is excellent plain with less unstable surface. This procedure is applied in bamboo to keep the tabletop at similar condition. Wicker pattern is also attached around the table. The shape of the tabletop is a rectangle or oval, then wicker takes part only in edge. Therefore, the main area of the table is still flat and plain using wood or glass. This design reduces unwanted splitting when putting glass on the top table.

Coffee table expands into an essential part of the room design.This furniture looks less fragile for outdoor, but some designers create wicker texture using metal for outdoor. Of course, you prefer indoor to outdoor when ready to choose a wicker table. Basic designs already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Another design is a storage model under table top. The furniture is like big box where wicker pattern covers all of the surface and the area. However, four pillars are still visible at four corners. Storage under tabletop is for stuff that is usually used during coffee time. This storage is created as a drawer, so you just pull it out then put back again. Furthermore, coffee table with wicker basket storage also incorporates tabletop with the gap between one layer and another as similar to the basket.